Naxos Animal Welfare Society assists Naxos residents in identifying
and reporting cases of animal cruelty.

NAWS has no legal authority to intervene on behalf
of abused and neglected animals,
but we can provide resources and support to citizens.

The following information is intended
to aid you in your ability to take
initiative to address animal abuse.

If you witness or suspect animal cruelty, you can contact us.

email: naxos_aws@ymail.com
tel: +30 6956 133 929

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    What to Look For - Physical Observations::

  - Does the animal have access to food, water and shelter?

  - Is his/her area clean?

  - Does the animal have apparent injuries that have not been treated?

  - Does the animal appear to be overly aggressive or timid?

  - Does the animal appear to be neglected?
   (Neglect is vaguely defined as failure to provide
   an animal with necessary food, water, shelter, rest,
   sanitation, ventilation, space, or medical attention.)


   Documenting the incident with photographs and videotape can be very helpful.
   Reports of animal cruelty should be as detailed as possible.
   Dates, times and circumstances should be noted and related to NAWS,
   who should also be made aware of any physical evidence (photos, video, etc.).

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For instance:

One week food for one dog, 7 Euro
One week food for two cats, 5 Euro
One flea/worm treatment 10 Euro
One dog sterilization 100 Euro
One cat sterilization 50 Euro
One vaccine 20 Euro

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