Farm animals are also sometimes called livestock.
They are domestic animals, just like cats and dogs, because they depend
on people for food, shelter and medical care..
Some of the most common farm animals are pigs, chickens, cows, sheep,
goats, horses, donkeys, mules and ponies.
There are also domestic ducks and turkeys.
Many people think that farm animals are dirty, but they are actually
very interesting and intelligent animals.
Just like other domestic animals or pets, farm animals are living beings with emotions.
Farm animals rely on their human caretakers to stay healthy and happy.

Farm animals need:

- Space to walk, run and play
- Clean water to drink
- Healthy food to eat
- A comfortable place to rest
- Shelter from bad weather
- Veterinary check-ups and care when they are sick

You may also report cruelty, maltreatment or neglect
to the police, but please inform NAWS
that you intend to do so.

It is against the law to take away,
untie or otherwise release animals,
however much you may object to the condition
in which they are being kept.

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For instance:

One week food for one dog, 7 Euro
One week food for two cats, 5 Euro
One flea/worm treatment 10 Euro
One dog sterilization 100 Euro
One cat sterilization 50 Euro
One vaccine 20 Euro

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