With support and funds raised
we intend to focus on:

Education :
Improving general attitudes towards stray, domesticated,
farmed and wild animals and providing information about
the benefits of controlling over-population by sterilisation
as opposed to poisoning which has been seen as effective
in too many instances even in the recent past.
This will be carried out by educators from the Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF),
by the distribution of pamphlets and by workshops on humane animal welfare
issues in cooperation with the Naxos Municipality and other local and foreign societies.
The upholding and enforcing of standard European Animal Welfare
laws is key to this aim.

Feeding :
The setting-up of organised feeding stations with volunteers
collecting and distributing food for stray cats and dogs,
particularly a winter concern in some areas.

Medical Attention and Operation After Care:
Stray animals in distress and in need of a vet are to be collected
by our volunteers for treatment to be carried out by the vet
and paid for by NAWS, and suitable homes/foster homes are to be sought
either here in Greece or abroad.
Neutering is also necessary to pre-empt a population explosion of roving,
homeless street animals at risk of starvation, disease and
maltreatment (not a welcome sight for tourists either).

Recruitment of Supporting Hands and Heads:
New members and volunteers to implement the above and to work towards
long-term goals: putting pressure on the Municipality to adhere
to EU laws regarding animal welfare and eventually
to set up an animal rescue centre or shelter to provide a
half-way house before release or until homes can be found
for sick and injured strays and once-owned animals.

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For instance:

One week food for one dog, 7 Euro
One week food for two cats, 5 Euro
One flea/worm treatment 10 Euro
One dog sterilization 100 Euro
One cat sterilization 50 Euro
One vaccine 20 Euro

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