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 nils Nils
Adopted one of our members, Linda while they were in their
sabbatical year in Naxos, eventually they returned to Norway but
their love for Nils was so big that she flew back to take him with her,now
Nils has family that cares and loves him.
 Nelly Nelly
Was also adopted by our friend Linda in Norway.
 Nelly Bailey
Is one of our earliest successes.
She was found several years ago and lived in a makeshift shelter.
Fortunately, Barbara Skarkou, manager of Kavos and her beautiful
daughters, Lauren and Margarita,adopted her and now she has a lovely life.
 Nelly William
Belonged to a neglectful farmer on Naxos
and eventually got his head stuck through wire netting.
He lived with Celia in Engares (shown here) for some time,
but has now relocated to Norway where his coat
has grown another inch against the cold.
 Nelly Tigger
Was found by Celia in a rubbish bin.
She has grown from a bmalnourished, tiny puppy into a bouncy,
but sensitive and quiet dog who loves to play with her dog mates.
Found in a rubbish bin. Now she lives with Celia in Enagres.
 Nelly Dayan
Was found sick and extremely weak...
Ηe had lost one eye to a bad cat flu, he was taken care of by one of our
members till he was strong and healthy,he found a loving family
that adopted him and now he lives in a lovely town in Germany.
 Nelly Edward
Μagnificent Edward, was found emaciated and almost hairless
on the paralia late last year. Now he lives with Celia
in the countryside in Engares.
 Nelly Lieschen
Was another Lianos Village cat, she won the heart
of my friends Sabine, Alex and they took her to their house in Germany.
 Nelly Henry
Was the survivor of a bad epidemic in Lianos Village cat-colony
that unfortunately cost the lives of many cats,
I caught his sickness early enough to survive after 2 weeks intensive care
at the vet and 2 more months in my care till he fully recovered and he was
so lucky that Sabine and Alex decided to adopt him as soon
as they heard what happened.
 Nelly Lily
Was found in the bushes next to the steps by the back of the Kastro,
too terrified to come out. After three weeks of patient,
loving coaxing by Mette Roesnvinge, we caught her and now a lovely,
Norwegian couple are adopting her.
 Nelly Lucky
Was the most traumatised of the four puppies
rescued from the Dimos car park. After several months both in our care,
then fostered by a Norwegian couple, he, in company with Lily,
has now happily relocated to Norway with the people who fostered him.
 Nelly Honey
Was found by some tourists by the main road, outside Sagri village.
She was very weak and seemed abandoned by her owner, the tourists
called NAWS and it was agreed to meet, to our surprise she was there
apparently still waiting for her owner. As soon as she saw us she became
animated, in spite of her hunger she wanted more to be petted than to eat.
She then was placed in foster care. When she was finally stronger
she was operated and found to be 4 weeks pregnant,
Because she was so sweet we did not have trouble to find her a home.
 Nelly Leo
Was born in Lianos Village and always was a weak skinny cat,
despite that he had always too much love to give, and this huge love
just stole the heart Susanna (Trattoria da Susanna)...
He is now living with her and enjoys every minute of his days! and..
now he weights 6.5 kilo ! so the old weak and skinny Leo is gone...
and now we have a huge and strong cat.
 Nelly Cesare
Is a recent happy ending.
Nancy Whitney found him on the road to Engares, running scared
stiff across the road. We took care of him for a couple of months,
then Piero Pizzul from Emporio in Naxos saw him,
fell in love with him and took him home
 Nelly Eva
Had an awful start in life.
After months on a chain, she eventually went to England in March
and is firmly and happily ensconced there.
 Nelly Molly
Is one of the three puppies we rescued a couple of months ago
from under a container in the big car park. At present, she is living
in Kouronohori with a Swedish lady and is very happy.
In August she is going to Sweden.
 Nelly Muffin
Was dumped outside Celia Gale's door in Engares at 10 days old
and has never left her side since.
 Nelly Masha
Was a really small and stinky cat when I found her
inside a garbage can. She had some health issues as well.
She was a real wreck. I took her home with me but, after just one day,
she almost died, had to call the vet at night and he treated her and we just
hoped for the best. After 1 month of intensive care,
she finally grew a little and put on some weight.
I found her a home in Athens .
 Nelly Susie
Is another dog enjoying the snow in Norway.
She was in our care for several months until she left in March.
 Nelly Naxo
Was another of the puppies found in the Dimos car park.
After an uncertain start, he is now happy in the snow in Norway.
 Nelly Mavros
Was born at Lianos Village in Naxos on 2002 the first time
Sahar and Reiner met Mavros, fell in love with him.
Following their second visit to Naxos the same year they took him back
with them to Munich, Germany. At that time, they had a beautiful apartment,
but there was no garden and now they have a small apartment but
with a big garden, where Mavros enjoys his night and day walk.

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