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 nils Puma
Also a Lianos Village cat, was found with a HUGE wound on his back,
a bad burn that took a very big piece of skin from him,
I rushed him to the vet who sew his wound and after that I had him
on intensive care at home, he was in a large recovery cage for 3 weeks
to be sure that his wound wont open as the vet had to stretch his skin
too much to close the wound. He found a home in Paros
with a nice lady Martina and her daughter Lydia.
 Nelly June
Is a female stray that was found in the Kastraki area,
a member of NAWS took care of her until she was no longer a shy dog,
then NAWS took her in and found a family that would foster her in Germany,
this family fell in love with her and decided to adopt her permanently.
She now has safe home.
 Nelly Benedict and Pius
Are two lovely kittens from Stelida that were luckily adopted
by our friend Jordis and her mother respectively,
of course their names are now Ginger and Aramis.
 Nelly Tricolore
(now Siena)
Was another Lianos Village cat, who loved to be loved and always liked
being around guests at the the hotel emptied in winter
she was always sad to be alone, but now this will never happen again
as she has a loving family for her all year round !
 Nelly Marina
Now Kira is a female dog that was under NAWS care,
and she was adopted this autumn ! She sends us her best xmas wishes !
 Nelly Thekla
Now Sunny, is a female stray that was abandoned with her puppies
in the Kastraki area, she lived in between foster families in Naxos
until she found an adoptive family. Her 3 puppies are on adoption process
and one of them already has a home !
 Nelly Dean
Is one of Thekla's puppies, as you can see
from the pictures he's having a very happy life
full of attention, games, and love !
 Nelly Sunshine
She was adopted by a loving family in Athens, her name now is Lola.
From her new family. As for Lola, she is doing great.
Full of energy and endless licks, she brings us much joy.
As she seems to enjoy running, I have taken her on a run at a mountain
fireroad I often go- she managed 6k
(with water breaks from my hand) with no problems.
 Nelly Splinanderaki
Another Stelida cat that found a loving home,
my husband fell in love with him, he is a very intelligent cat,
extremely playful and caring for other cats around.
 Nelly Bikini
One of the Bikini Gang puppies happily playing in his new home
in Germany.
 Nelly Bitsy
(Now Ringo)
One of the Bikini Gang puppies also was happily rehomed this June
in Germany.
 Nelly Joschi
(Now Groby)
Was found in the middle of the road one day I came back from dinner..
grew up to be a wonderful boy and now he lives happily ever after
with his brother Jacky in Regine's home in Germany !
 Nelly Antoinette
(Now Allie)
Was so much in need for love that knew just where to ask....
and after being fostered a couple of months in Naxos
she flew to Germany and now is so so so loved by Elinor !
 Nelly Scruffy
Was known as Boukla by our members, she was a neglected little dog,
that after she grew a little bit she was chained outside in a barrel
without proper food nor water... what harm could this little thing do ?
She was adopted by Denise and Dick in Naxos, and they love her lots !
She's brought love and happiness in their lives !
 Nelly Naxia 1 and Naxia 2
Were two of 5 puppies found by Daniela a German Tourists in the
summer near Orkos, NAWS volunteers tried to find homes for them
desperately and suddenly, after one day that they were placed in
a foster home, the same tourists called NAWS again to tell them they would
adopt two of them ! As you can see.. they bought first class tickets
for their trip to Germany !
 Nelly Peanut
Was found wondering in town, clearly an abandoned pet...
why would someone leave such a darling in the streets... she was adopted
by her foster Nancy and live happy in Naxos !
 Nelly Nico and Shadow
Shadow was found in St. George with a horrible eye infection,
intensive care in Naxos saved his sight. He always had a lovely character.
Niko was a very wild and scared kitten and Ronit catch him to
make him friendlier and find a good home for him. They were both
fostered for a few months till forever NAWS friends Roswitha and George
decided on adopting not one, but both of them !
Now they live happily in Austria.
 Nelly Annie
Was a long time resident of our shelter, but one day she was
spotted by David and he wanted to give her a home. He came for holidays
in Naxos and took her with him. Now she has all the love that her previous
owners did not give her and a safe place to live.
 Nelly Foxy
Was found with horrible skin condition almost two years ago,
she was very very shy, specially from children, this let us think
that she was mistreated. She was adopted Feb 2010 and here she is...
enjoying sunbaths in her new home in Germany.
 Nelly Grisu
Formerly known as Grizako, decided he would enter Ronit's home
and get her find a home for him. It was not a difficult task because
of his charming character and looks... so Manuela, who adopted Sina
last December decided to adopt him too ! She now has two naxos cats
and loves them lots. Grisu's life has not changed, in Naxos he used to go
to the airport lake for a swim...
in Germany he goes to Manuelas pond for a swim !
 Nelly Lola
Is a beautiful girl that had a very bad start in her life.
She was living in a chicken pen with a rusty barrel as a home,
muddy moldy water to drink and never proper food to eat.
Now this is Lola, in her comfy coach and with lots of love.

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