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 nils Leni
Known in Naxos by the name Daisy, was a scared sweet dog
that was found wondering with a rope in a busy street,
her life was clearly in danger, we took her and cared for her,
and she's been living now happily ever after with Patric.
 Nelly Nixi
Formerly known as Gourgoura, came from an un-safe
neighborhood in Ag. Anna to Lianos Village Hotel.
My friend Roza Baptized her Gourgoura as she loved being caressed,
now she lives in Switzerland with Irene and Reno.
 Nelly Bobby
Was a scared dog that came to one of our volunteers garden,
he was in very bad condition and was taken care of,
still he was not confident in people, it took a long time
to make him trust humans again. Since then he was adopted in spring time,
and here is a picture of pretty Bobby taking a nap in is home.
 Nelly Rex
Is a shepherd mix dog, that his family
did not wanted him any more.
He found a good home quickly and here is a picture of him!
 Nelly Rosina
Was found by Lalo the fisherman and he called the experts..
they bottle fed her till she could eat on her own and after we confirmed that
she is a GIRL Jordis, who adopted Gingy from us last winter decided
that she will give Rosina a home too. See? we keep getting
returning customers, our cats are so lovely that they keep
wanting more and more to love !!
 Nelly Sunny
Was found wondering in Naxos town, no one claimed her,
no one wanted her, no one was missing her... so NAWS took her under
their care until she found the perfect family for her.
She is now in a permanent home that will never put her in the streets again.
 Nelly Amato
(Now Nisch)
Was found in the early summer and was fostered by one of our volunteers,
lovely puppy, our volunteer left the island for a couple of months
and asked her neighbors to foster him, of course, shortly after,
they decided they would not go back to Germany without him !
 Nelly Zas
Was being fostered together with Amato and when Amato's
family had some friends over for lunch, the children fell in love
with Zas... and... of course decided to give them a loving home !
 Nelly Henriette
Is a lovely cat born in Lianos Village to Beau Mama
before she was finally sterilized. She is an adorable girl
that her wild looks conquered the hearts of many.
 Nelly Mavros
Was found in Naxos town and while a girl was feeding him,
some other people in the neighborhood were threatening him...
after a long time in the shelter he finally got the family he deserves !!
 Nelly Queenie and Lucky
Were two of 4 puppies that were dumped last winter at our shelter...
four little scared puppies, two of them found a place at one
of our member's house and here these two found a great family too !
 Nelly Tommy
Was found this summer, hit by a car near the archaeological site of Iria,
NAWS was called in and in the middle of the night was rushed to the vet,
no one had great hopes for him, but thanks to the TLC
and special care that Gilly and Robin gave him his recovery was fantastic,
we even took him to the human ophthalmologist twice
to get his vision better. IT was not very difficult for this good soul
to find a proper permanent home and here he is...
living happily ever after in Austria.
 Nelly Champ
From the Mike / Jack Duo found in the rubbish bin
in mid October.... He found a true family so soon that it was amazing...
who could resist that face ! His brother Jack is still looking for a home !
 Nelly Teeny
One of the bikini gang puppies found in early May
found his way to Vivi's heart here in Naxos,
she fell in love with him as soon as she saw him.
 Nelly Maya
Came up to a feeding station in Naxos Town
and was taken to be sterilized and vaccinated soon.
Her graceful character won the heart of Caroline who was
volunteering that winter in NAWS... she would not rest it till
she found a home for her and when we did, it was the right home.
She now lives with k.Maria in Athens and has a whole balcony for herself
where she takes her sunbaths in the summer.
 Nelly Akrogiali
Was found in a tavern in Ag. Anna and was sterilized in our
sterilization project. Martina, who did the task put her up in our German
website for adoption, and being a lucky girl, a nice family asked
to adopt her, Ronit went and looked for her in November when
all was closed down there, she got her and fostered her till she travelled.
Here she is, now called LUNA and enjoying her new cozy blanket !
 Nelly Harry Hudini
was one of the dogs left tied up at the shelter's fence June 2010...
fortunately for him in a few months he was already rehomed and in
Dec. 4th he flew to his new home...clearly he enjoys playing in the snow!
 Nelly Grobi
Was found in a car engine's and NAWS was called on the rescue,
his foster, Lucretia fell so much in love with him that decided to give him
a home together with her other cats.
 Nelly Jillian
Came to Lianos Village as a kitten in horrible condition,
we do not know where she came from... we took her to vet
to put her some anti flea spray and beside fleas and ticks there were
other million parasites coming out from her. She was taken care of
for a long long time till all those parasites left her body and became a sweet
adorable pretty young girl.
 Nelly Bluesy
This tiny bit was found in a garbage tin...
she was rescued by a NAWS member and then rehomed to another NAWS
member home... that despite their allergies found out a way
to be able to provide for this lovely cat in need and prevent her
to go back to the streets.
 Nelly Gypsy
Claudia found Gipsy in 2008 while her first holidays in Naxos,
he was in the beach neglected and lost,
she took him with her to Germany and since then they are inseparable.
Gipsy changed her life !

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