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 nils Lucy
Was left tied up in the middle of the road to Kastraki on a rainy day,
at the beginning we thought they would come and pick her up, but next day
she was still under the rain, we took her to the shelter and nurture her,
she was a little afraid of humans, but very very grateful to our volunteer
that picked her up. She was adopted soon as she is a very beautiful
and easy going dog ! She goes to work every day and people
in the office call her the boss !
 Nelly Kiko
Was found in Naxos town when a woman called us because
his life was in danger, the neighbours thought he was dangerous and would
harm him at the end, so NAWS went to pick him up...
here he is, a family picture,
when he arrived to his now final and permanent home !
 Nelly Mikri
Known to NAWS volunteers as Lili, found a loving home in Norway,
and her favorite place... the fireplace !! I am sure she will soon
adapt to the weather over there !
 Nelly Amalia and Sofia
This duo was left alone newly born,
their eyes just open when we got the call, they were weak, Sofia weaker,
with Ronit's nursing them every 4 hrs and Amalia encouraging Sofia
to get better, the girls made it !!
 Nelly Palikari
Was found in the main waterfront in horrible condition, afraid of humans...
skin and bones, full of worms and ticks had to follow intensive
antibiotic care to bring his digestive system back to normal.
He grew up to be a very grateful cat and found a home in Germany,
now his name is Kari.
 Nelly Fluffy
Now called Momo
Was a shy kitten, she was born and grew up in the garbage tin
near the hotel I work at... and slowly slowly she learned to come closer
to us and to trust us, she was soon sterilized and we always
hoped to find a perfect family for her, till Chrisanthi saw her
pictures and just fell in love ! Now she is living
in a permanent home near Frankfurt.
 Nelly Mitsos
Was found one morning in a busy street
while he was being kicked out of a shop nearby, poor Mitsos
apparently lost his home not long ago, typical story of a puppy
that no longer is wanted... ends up in the streets, lucky enough
we were driving by and saved him from the cars. He was fostered
by Angelo and Christina, but he was so so so loving that
they decided to keep him.
 Nelly Pit
Now called Ekmek
Was found in the town of Moni when he was being kicked out by children,
a woman saved him and helped him get his strength
she called us and when Eva, one of NAWS supporters met him
she immediately decided on adopting him !! she is working hard
on training him and they always go on long walks on the beach.
 Nelly Elpida
Was roaming in the streets of Naxos from Kastraki
all the way to Naxos Town, we took her in and after a series of events
to show how lovable she is, she was immediately adopted
by a family that ADORES her !!
 Nelly Buddy
Was found as a tiny tiny baby in town,
he was fostered till he was old enough to fly, and now,
he has a very nice family, and he plays around with Leny (Daisy)
also a rescued NAWS dog that lives not far from Buddy !
 Nelly George
Was found injured in St. George area,
broken leg,
his lovely character made him win many hearts and a permanent home !
 Nelly Azaros
(now Larry)
Was almost dead when found. was rushed to the vet and after a month
of intensive care he recovered. lucky him he found a great place in Athens,
he is the guardian of a big house with a big garden...
and from his owners... Larry is the best dog ever what else can we say,
it could not be better.
 Nelly Mara
Was found near Aggidia village last winter,
and we took care of her since. In July we got a call of a woman
interested in adopting one of our shelter dogs, she chose Mara
and they totally love each other. They live in Athens.
 Nelly Meli
Appeared in Naxos town early July,
she was cared for by many shop owners till one of them decided
to give her a permanent home.
 Nelly Erry
Our dear Terry who stayed for 2 years at our shelter
finally found a home. He has now his own place,
what he deserved since a long time ago...
 Nelly Syra
Was found by Ronit in Syros,
in terrible condition, Moa from Syros took care of her till
she could bring her to Naxos. and her next step was Germany,
she was diagnosed with Ataxia, but that was not a problem because
Else adopted her and... and guess who is Syra's best friend.
 Nelly Stathis
A terrified setter found in Grotta area lives happily now in Germany.
 Nelly Emma
Broke Michaela's heart while on holidays,
she took her in and transported her to Frankfurt to a foster place.
Soon after she was adopted, being as cute as she is.
 Nelly Dimitra
Now Mona Liza, was one of the 9 puppies
found with their mother in the beginning of the summer in 2011.
Though one of the weakest, her beauty and grace won the heart of
one of NAWS members, Mette, who decided to adopt her...
 Nelly Afroditi
Now Kima was one of the greek God and Goddesses
found with their mum. She now is the new member if a family in Germany!
 Nelly Ifestos
Another one the gods that were adopted, now called Stolz
has the time of his life in Germany, being a member of a huge family
with lots of friends to play with.

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