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 nils Smaragda
One of the many animals rescued by Ronit,
was found very scared afraid of all humans. Still,
she was also very fortunate to find a loving home
in Germany.
 Nelly Nicky
Now Nala,
was found tied up on a tree
without any food or water apparently left to die.
After receiving medical attention that she urgently needed,
she was fostered by NAWS volunteers and friends
and eventually travelled to her new home in Germany.
 Nelly Yiannis and Spyros
Were two tiny kittens when found
in a hotel in Ag Anna with a terrible flu.
They were cared for on Naxos till they found the perfect home...
with Ifestos !
 Nelly Katy
One of our “tenants” that stayed
the longest with NAWS,
now in a home in Germany!
 Nelly Liza
Had followed some tourists to Lianos Village...
sure, she knew where she would get lucky,
a tiny kitten, was fostered till she went to Germany
and she was adopted straight away with her charming character.
She lives with Alik from Zakynthos !
 Nelly Marinela
Is one pretty lady who while fostered at Sabines,
made friends with Ronja from Zakinthos as these two ladies
really enjoyed each other's company.
Also adopted by our friend Linda in Norway.
 Nelly Othello
Was left behind in KAstraki
when the hotels closed last summer.
Now he has a permanent home.
 Nelly Casper
Was adopted by Dunja,
she fostered him for a while and
then decided he was too nice to let go.
 Nelly Rika
Is another dog that was abandoned during tourist season
in Plaka area.. she found her way to our friend Monica
and she pursued her sister to adopt her. She is adorable.
 Nelly Kedra
Was found with her brother Pix,
they were a lovely pair of puppies abandoned,
near the garbage bins
 Nelly Rena
Was one of our profits in one of the bazaars,
some kids were kicking her and other concerned ones brought her to us.
Now she lives with Giannis and Fotini.
 Nelly Big Bear
Also known as Bobby or Arkoudos..
our lovely Big Bear was a huge mission to get him out of
the streets where his life was in danger,
and then transport him to his new family.
 Nelly Fee
Was another neglected hunting dog.
She has a lovely character and now has a permanent family
that gives her all the love she needs.
 Nelly Juicy
Is a very lucky girl, not only she has a very nice home with two
Stelida Cats...
but is Manuela's home !
She has so much love to give them !!!
Thank you for adopting a third Naxos friend !
 Nelly Pix
is Kedra's brother...
and here he is enjoying a well deserved
nap at his home
 Nelly Peach
Was found with a broken jaw
after a car accident, our friend Lucretia nursed her
for months and then was adopted by Joy
 Nelly Mavri
Was a sweet girl rescued from St. George beach
and brought to our cat station in Stelida,
her lovely and charming character made her find a permanent home.
 Nelly Balou
Got a loving home,
he was found in the streets neglected
and his hair was a mess, look at him !
 Nelly Domingo
Now called IONAS...
Was adopted almost immediately after being found
by our good friend Gavril,
he has the perfect home !
 Nelly Dagwood
Knew where to go...
he arrived at Nancy's house looking for food,
we tried to find his owners, but apparently he was abandoned there,
and since she fostered, she fell in love with him... !
 Nelly Ira
Another of Gabi's puppies,
was adopted in Germany and gets to see
our darling Big Bear continuously
as they have the same family !

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