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 nils Blondy
Was a poor neglected girl,
she was lucky enough to find the perfect home
where they adore her.
 Nelly Kyria
Thought that she would give her
foster family a chance and adopt them...
when she felt ready, she came to them and showed her love...
and trust me... they love her lots !
 Nelly Oreos
... poor boy found abandoned in Kalado,
with his lovely charachter...
 Nelly Cooper
Was named Lenny,
he and his sister Lisa were thrown last October
to the garbage bin in Ag. Prokopios,
they were fostered till they could go to the shelter.
Now Lenny got a home !
 Nelly Chica
Was found wondering the streets of Galanado,
fostered by Cynthia for a few months got her
a lovely character and she learned some tricks on the way.
She is now in her forever home.
 Nelly Louis
Was found in Plaka area
(too many spagnel bretons found in that area, every winter)
he was fostered by our friend Apostolis
and soon found a home in Pefki, Athens.
 Nelly Romel
Beautiful puppy that was found by our friend
Yiannis and was soon after adopted in Amorgos.
 Nelly Roni
Was abandoned on Naxos,
we took her to the shelter and found a perfect place for her,
where she is the queen of her land,
protective and loving to her family.
 Nelly Sammy
Was found in the road to Sangri,
was taken to the shelter, a very pretty puppy
soon after adopted by our friend Brigitte, on Naxos.
 Nelly Tom
another of Daisy's puppies,
found a loving home in Kinidaros.
 Nelly Stevie
This poor boy was VERY lucky in life,
first of all because he was found
in a deserted area, and second,
he found a forever home very soon !
 Nelly Smila
Lived in a small street
behind Ag. Anna's main road, she lived there for years
without able to see, lucky her, some people took care of her,
by feeding her and asking NAWS to sterilize her.
When we found space for her, we took her into foster
and she moved in with Stevie to their permanent home !
 Nelly Vaso
Was found in terrible state near Potamia,
dehydrated and sick was brought to life
by one of our volunteers and soon she found
a loving home in Germany.
 Nelly Zelda
Was found as a puppy beaten
or after an accident where she lost her sight
from one eye, she was brought to life
and gave a huge battle to stay with us
and become a very beautiful girl that
was adopted and now loved for ever !
 Nelly Stella
Won the hearts of our dear friend
and supporter Amanda, and after her foster time in Naxos,
they decided that they couldn't live without her
and took her to UK !
 Nelly Kiki
Is the first of the Pipi's pups
to be adopted, she didn't travel that far,
she is living happily the island life in Paros !!
 Nelly Petros
Was rescued by one of our supporters
and fostered till he found a home, in the meantime he managed
to break some hearts here and there...
and lots of people remember him with lots of love.
Now he has a permanent home in Germany with our friend Pia.
 Nelly Pluto
Got himself a house in Plaka...
not bad after being left in a box in one of our Bazaars...
Pluto now shares his love with our dear friend Chel.
 Nelly Polina
1st owner abandoned her at shelter,
2nd owner returned her at shelter.
The third one is for good !!
She is now living with her family in Germany !!
 Nelly Isabella
Went to Athens
and is having a great time in the big city !!
 Nelly Mina
Went to Holland,
she is been living there for a year now
and she matches perfectly her family !

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