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 nils Murmel
Was abandoned in a box
outside the secondary school in Naxos Town,
some of his brothers and sisters found good homes here on Naxos,
Murmel found a home in Crete !
Still enjoying lots of sun and lots of beachtime!
 Nelly Ned, Brad, Robb
Were abandoned in one of our volunteer's shop,
they had 2 brothers that were adopted,
and these three guys will have the time of their lives
in mainland Greece!
 Nelly James
Formerly know as Teddy or Freddy,
finally found a permanent home,
after checking out many spots, he decided the last one was
the perfect fit for him !
His full name now James Schnüffler!
 Nelly Lohan
Runs around and spends all his energy
in loving his new family ! Look at that happiness !!
 Nelly Asteri
Was taken out from a car engine
and he got lucky when one of our supporters in Athens
came for a visit and fell in love with him !
 Nelly Tsolias
Was found in devastating state in the main road to the villages,
taken to vet and cared for many months
till all his injuries were cured
and he found a home that adopted him even if he is a carrier of FIV.
IT is not a live sentence, you can give these little souls
a good life for many years,
you just have to want to.
 Nelly Victor
Was found in the rocky part of Agios Prokopios
and was fostered till....
our dear Nicola adopted him !
Of course... who could resist those amazing green eyes ?
 Nelly Rocco
Is a kitten that was found and rescued
by some of our youngest volunteers in Plaka,
he was brought up, but unfortunately had lost both of his eyes.
Another FIV positive cat that found a great family
with our friend Marit who is already and active member
of NAWS and helps us with our sterilization campaigns
as part of her holidays !
 Nelly Malou
Was very depressed at the shelter,
and her life turned to be perfect since she got adopted,
now she doesn't have to worry about anything else
and can take those very well deserved long naps.
 Nelly Arya
Was found near Panorama restaurant,
quite far from any house,
and was fostered and given to adoption by our friend Kiki.
 Nelly Sabrina
Was found with a badly injured leg...
and soon she was found laying in the carpet of her forever home !
 Nelly Sofaki
Was rescued by our friend Sofia
from a certain death as she was standing in the middle
of a main road and had a bad eye infection.
She became healthy and guess who adopted her ?
Our dear friend and supporter Roswitha in Austria !!
 Nelly Anna
Was found in Ag. Anna...
a sweet puppy looking for some love...
and she found it !!
 Nelly Babinos
Had a bad start in life
where he was taken to be a hunting dog and returned
as he couldn't hunt, luckily these lovely couple
decided to adopt him,
and now they can do what Babinos knows best,
to relax in the sofa !
 Nelly Mina and Bob
Also from the 7 kittens from Maragas
was fostered by Diana's mother...
Mmmm all stayed in the family, together with Bob!
 Nelly Maggie and Morgan
Left to a forever home last summer,
both of them arrived at Stelida feeding station,
but their adorable charachter won them a real home...
 Nelly Barney
Was adopted by a loving family
with children in Glinado,
he is having a great time
and finally has someone to play with !
 Nelly Batida
Moved out of Naxos
to become a well travelled Diva...
boats, cars, yachts... you name it,
she's there, Batida leads the life of a princess !
 Nelly Milly and Ellie
What a lucky pair !
Both adopted and adored by our supporter Heike !
Milly was rescued from Ag. Prokopios very ill,
and Ellie was taken out of a car engine
in the main parking in Naxos Town.
 Nelly Sunny
now TOMMY,
moved from one hill in Stelida
to another hill in Stelida... and now he enjoys
his long walks with Piko and the rest of the gang !
 Nelly Nicky
Was ound and fostered
till he became healthier, unfortunately his brother died,
couldn't recover,
but he was finally adopted with MAVROS
who was found ill in the stairs of the Castro .

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