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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at N.A.W.S

Every year
Naxos Animal Welfare Society
helps find new families for several homeless cats and dogs
who need a safe, warm place to stay.
Others are sick or injured.

Naxos Animal Welfare Society
would not be able to help these animals without the support
of dedicated and compassionate volunteers.

There are dozens of opportunities
for people who want to join N.A.W.S in our mission to
advocate for animals through education, legislation, donations of any kind and direct care.
Volunteers assist in direct care of animals,
education, administrative projects, outreach events, and more.

We hold meetings once a month to discuss better ways to improve our work,
find new funding sources and solutions to
problems that we become aware of on a daily basis.

Volunteers also represent N.A.W.S
at community projects, write articles of
interest to be added to our website,
help us transport animals to / from the veterinarian and help us in fundraising.
Volunteers also help with many other things which need to be done.

You can easily become a member, just download the form attached and send it back to us
by email: .

DOWNLOAD:   Serve NAWS questionaire EN.doc

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Anyone with a big heart and a love for animals can become a
guardian angel to strays.

You can be the difference between life and death for an animal.
And you may be that animal's only hope for finding her family or
being adopted into a new family.

People often think that someone else will take care of the problem,
but there are so many animals who need help that it's up to each of us
to do everything we can every time we see an animal in need.

When animals roam, whether lost or abandoned, they face extreme risks.
Removing animals from dangerous situations can literally save their lives.

Helping a wandering stray prevents injury or death from traffic,
starvation, cruelty, disease, attacks from other animals,
and other dangerous and inhumane conditions.

Bringing the animal to safety is the kindest thing you can do...
Strays are at the mercy of the people whom they meet, and as domesticated
creatures, they are almost entirely dependent on human compassion.
Many people want to help, but are apprehensive or unsure of what to do.

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For instance:

One week food for one dog, 7 Euro
One week food for two cats, 5 Euro
One flea/worm treatment 10 Euro
One dog sterilization 100 Euro
One cat sterilization 50 Euro
One vaccine 20 Euro


Piraeus Bank: 5705-029040-445
IBAN: GR5901727050005705029040445

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